3ª Sesión X Symposium Internacional de Tecnologías Alimentarias. New trends, experiences and opportunities

Wednesday, 19th May 2021. New trends, experiences and opportunities
Chairs: Eduardo Cotillas and Pedro Abellán

10:00 / 10:05 h.–Welcome / Introduction

10:05 / 10:20 h–Real Time Global Traceability System for Food Contact Plastic Packaging.
BlockChain and Active Digital Identification. Simple. Fast. Sure.
Fuensanta Monzó Sánchez. CETEC, Spain

10:20 / 10:35 h– My international project experiences.
Yıldıray İstanbullu. Central Research Institute of Food and Feed Control CRIFFC, Turkey

10:35 / 10:50 h– A platform-based collaborative service model to foster a more sustainable food production system.
Henrik Stamm Kristensen. Blendhub, Spain

10:50 / 11:05 h–Food fraud detection.
Beatriz Carrasco. Chemometric Brain, Spain

11:05 / 11:20 h– Virus and food safety.
Gaspar Ros. University of Murcia, Spain

11:20 / 11:30 h– Break

11:30 / 11:45 h. –Food Print Revolution.
José Alfonso García Escribano and Patxi Larumbe Beramendi. COCUUS, Spain

11:45 / 12:00 h.– Mintel Food & Drink Trends 2021.
Agustina Dapena. MINTEL, United Kingdom

12:00 / 12:15 h. –Climate-smart Practices in Agriculture: The smartROOT Project.
Panagiotis Sarigiannidis. University of Western Macedonia, Greece

12:15 / 12:30 h.– Improved Support to Entrepreneurial Development in Rural Areas of Azerbaijan.
John Toner. CTNC Senior Expert, Azerbaijan

12:30 / 12:45 h.– Collaboration opportunities between Turkish and Spanish agrofood companies and Research centres.
Fetullah Bingül. TARIMAS, Turkey

12:45 / 12:55 h.– Possibilities of collaboration of Romanian and Spanish companies and research centres within the frame of Horizon Europe.
Ileana Iorga and Sorin Iorga. IBA, Romania 

12:55 / 13:00 h.– Questions

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