* AIJN statement on chloramphenicol in enzyme preparations

The Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) dispatched several notifications concerning the presence of chloramphenicol (antibiotic) in feed mixtures. At the end of August the RASFF confirmed that chloramphenicol was also found in enzymes used in food processing (amylase and pectinase).

The European Commission issued a notification saying that enzymes and enzyme preparations, food ingredients and food ready for consumption with at least a level of 0.3 µg/kg have to be withdrawn from the market.

The juice industry uses enzymes in very small quantities mainly to produce clarified juices of e.g. apple, pear and berries. The enzymes are inactivated by pasteurization and removed within the refining step together with sediments and impurities.

Current intelligence is that only one manufacturer of affected enzymes has been identified. This manufacturer is based in India. In addition, we have been reassured that the major sources of enzymes used in the European juice industry are not affected by this contamination incident. Nevertheless, we are and will continue to monitor closely the situation.

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