ENTHALPY FINAL CONFERENCE . Cutting-edge technologies for energy efficiency in milk powder production.

El próximo 26 de octubre se celebrará en Girona la ENTHALPY FINAL CONFERENCE.

After three years of intense work the EU funded ENTHALPY project presents a wide range of innovative technologies in milk powder production. Join the presentations and visit the demonstration installations at IRTA. Places are limited!

The preliminary agenda includes demonstrations ofinnovative equipment:
» Radiofrequency heating system for milk and liquid food (pasteurization and sterilization)
» Solar thermal system, with superheated water as heat supply to UHT equipment and milk drying tower
» Enzymatic cleaning of fouling in tubes

Additional presentations include:
» Multi-nozzle, mono disperse atomizer head for spray drying » Simulation tool for optimizing processing units in a dairy plant » Process design based on combined techno-economic and life cycle analysis criteria » Single droplet and drying tower models » Membrane distillation for concentrating the feed and membrane contractor for heat and water recover in the exhaust air » Sensors for inline monitoring of particle size distribution and particle moisture content

You can even taste the processed milk!

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