Etiquetas láser «naturales»: la opción de embalaje ecológico para frutas y verduras llega a los estantes holandeses / Natural” laser labels: Eco-friendly packaging option for fruit and vegetables hits Dutch shelves

Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo has launched a so-called “natural label” on a selection of its organic vegetables range, marking a move into the mainstream for the technology. The “natural label” is achieved through the use of laser technology that makes it possible to display the indication of “organic” directly onto the produce, without the need for additional packaging material. The method holds potential for further retailers who are looking to reduce plastic packaging and reduce their environmental footprint.

“Packaging material has an important function in certain food and vegetables when it comes to health and safety. However, organic fruit and vegetables are packaged in plastic because it is legally required to make a distinction in the stores between regular fruit and vegetables and organic produce. Because biologic [organic] is the smallest group of products, it is packaged with an eye on having the least environmental impact. So, where possible, we look for alternatives,”

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